Spark of Life

softwave therapy - spark of life

Every day, our 1,300 devices are out there in action that are helping thousands of people per day with a non invasive, No Drugs or Injections needed – with our “Spark of Life.” That’s what our German counterparts call it. It literally works with your mitochondrial, which are the “power house” to our cells.

What you’re seeing on the top photo is what SUPER SONIC SOUND waves look like in water. These are electro hydraulically produced acoustic waves that are traveling 3,355 mph, which is nearly 5 times the speed of sound (4.4 Mach speed).

The picture on the lower left: this is your mitochondria before we delivered the spark of life with patented delivery of Softwave via our parabolic hand held applicator. The closest way to describe this energy would be like harnessing the power of a lightening bolt & thunder. It’s using both light – but more importantly,  the clasp of thunder that follows. Yes, those are naturally occurring super sonic sound waves that we’ve all seen, heard & experienced.

The picture on the lower right is what the mitochondrial look like just minutes after receiving our “Spark of Life” therapy. The yellow highlighted mitochondrial are lit up with MORE ENERGY! The picture on the lower right shows a mitochondrial the ”power plant” working at delivering more Adenine tri phosphate, ATP, which is optimizing their function & the most efficient way to produce energy by a process called the Kreb cycle. Most all doctors learn about this in Biochemistry 2, which I never thought I’d need to remember – but this actually became important for us to understand how stimulates this process is in healing. Why? because when you’re able to both find, locate areas of tissue damage & inflammation, but then able to generate direct intelligent energy that can be used by the cell to recover, repair & regenerate – you’ve got the perfect healing machine!

There are now dozens of studies that literally demonstrate that Softwave technology  jump starts the regenerative healing process by calling into action “the first responders” of our innate  immune system & stimulates our own stem cells, which are the repairmen of the body. The tingling you feel within minutes of completing this futuristic  therapy is believed to accelerate our natural healing process.

My Dad always said, “The more you learn, the more you earn, the less you work.”  When you acquire this specialized knowledge that we actually have a patent pending, then you learn via our advanced certification course (that’s included in the purchase of your system), you’ll become proficient in caring for the most difficult cases that walk through your clinic doors. But with our orthopedic training guide, you will feel confident on first using our noninvasive, same day procedure before you refer out to a surgeon or pain management specialist. We’ve all had to do it. Those patients who just aren’t responding to conservative care & need something more “invasive” like cortisone injections or strong prescription drugs to kill the pain, but not solve the problem. Those are the type of patients that you’ll be able to help 65-90% of the time now & they will be satisfied with their results. I think that’s what I love most about Softwave, which is the predictable patient outcomes!

In my opinion, inflammation is main source of where pain in coming from. You may ask why I feel that way. Because when I place SOFTWAVE on your patients that have pain…..their PAIN GOES AWAY! We have multiple research studies that show our “spark of life” actually is DOWN REGULATING INFLAMMATION, or lowering the amount of inflammation present after treatment.

Over 3 decades in healthcare as both a doctor & a consultant, I’ve learned to listen, & actually hear what keeps both patients & doctors up at night. I’ve learned that chronic pain can have a cumulative effect & I’ve seen it cripple the human frame.  It becomes debilitating to the point of patients give up & trade a life of suffering with a life of addiction. Because that’s what’s become the standard of care in America & how we deal with chronic pain, we prescribe strong narcotics & opiates that kill the pain temporarily, but never solve the underlying condition that’s causing this chaos.  I made a bold prediction 5 years ago that is now coming true. That this technology, when placed in the hands of a chiropractor, could help thousands of people get to the true source of their problems. We’ve now been able to successfully scale this versatile therapy in over 1,300 clinics world wide -we’re starting to make an impact.  And when you’re able to bring a solution to your community that helps end pain with a non invasive approach that takes minutes to administrator, with little down time – then more & more people will want this solution to be part of their approach to natural healing.

The more people we’re able to help, the more of a global impact we will have on the future of healthcare.

To your health,
Dr. Matthew DiDuro, DC

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