PPPpO Systems For Providers

It seems like everyone is claiming to have the next amazing technology that’s a MUST have for your clinic.

In my opinion, it’s because most doctors are looking for that “next gadget” that will change the course of their life & practice.  Problem is, we don’t take the time to really dig through what the sales guy is telling us. They promise you the sun & the moon, but quite frankly never live up to expectations they’ve created. After 29 years in healthcare, I’ve developed PTSD from listening to these salesmen over the years.

We tend to focus most of our time reading through the owners manual, making sure we understand how to operate it & apply it to the patient. Which is great but all the operating manuals in the world will never teach you how to make it profitable.

Now, it’s easier than ever to change that. You can’t sit and wait for some sales guy or some consultant to come in & save your business. Let me give you a little secret, NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU…. except the person staring at you in the mirror.

There’s no Calvary or special PPP loan from the government. It comes down to you.

Once you’ve accepted that…we can start working on correcting the problem. You see, 6 years ago, as a retired professor, I stumbled across a little known treasure. It was a technology that had been used for over 40 years and had a 85% success rate. Plus it was labeled by the FDA as a non significant risk factor, because there were little to no side effects. I felt like Indiana Jones when I started implementing this therapy in my practice in Atlanta. Not only did it produce near immediate relief for my patients, but it started making my clinic more financially stable.

Don’t be a Thought leader, rather become a RESULTS LEADER & Pioneer in our profession.
We figured something out along the way, that this was very friendly & was easy to scale. Six years later, we’ve successfully placed this in over 1,500 clinics globally & now have helped end suffering for millions of people. This has changed our lives, our doctors lives, & thousands of patients lives per day.

If you want to use the same technology that’s in Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Sheppard Spine Center, Cleveland Clinic & dozens of research universities … then make sure you sign up for a call to learn more about our PPPpO program, which stands for: “Productivity & Profitability” increasing system with Predictable Patient Outcome. 👇💥🎯🏆


We’ll allow the first 50 doctors to help them implement our “PPPpO” systems into their business. We’ll show you how you & your team get 100% re-engaged into your practice!!

We won’t have time to cover everything on this webinar, but we’re going to focus on the 20% that generates 80% of our income.  If it makes sense to you from there, we can show you the next few steps. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

To your health,
Dr. Matt DiDuro
Developer of the “Less is more” protocol

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