‘Jiffy Lube’ Model of Cartilage Replenishment

Activation of connective tissue to rebuild the matrix – first all natural way to help

Some researchers are saying they can now envision a time when people are able to avoid getting arthritis in the first place by rejuvenating the cartilage in the joints before it is badly degraded.

One idea is to follow a ‘Jiffy Lube’ model of cartilage replenishment. We would no longer just wait for damage to accumulate. Imagine that you’d go in periodically and use this futuristic technology to boost & activate your very own connective tissue and in turn possibly help rehabilitate the articular cartilage before you have a problem.

That’s what Dr. Matt DiDuro, research director for the ATL Pain Institute in Atlanta, Georgia is noting.

What is connective tissue (CT)?
It’s one of the four main classes of tissues. Although it is the most abundant and widely distributed of the primary tissues, the amount of connective tissue in a particular organ varies. Like the timber framing of a house, the connective tissue provides structure and support throughout the body.

Understand that arthritis is very common: By age 80, one in ten people will have a hip replacement and one in twenty will have a knee replaced. But such joint replacement is extremely invasive, has a limited lifespan and is performed only after arthritis is well established and the patient is dealing with debilitating pain.

So what’s the secret lubricating sauce and which doctor can prescribe it? It’s actually working with the greatest doctor ever known, which is your own body. The futurist technology is actually helping activate your body’s own innate ability to heal. And our clinical research is demonstrating that we’re seeing multiple positive biological effects for whichever joint we place this on the body. Read more here.

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